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About Paydays Bureau

Thank you for looking at our website, I Valerie Morgan-Townsend have been working in the accountancy practice sector for more years than I care to remember. My training and work experience was carried out in a chartered accountants practice, which has stood me in good stead throughout. I’ve been able to adapt that training into the modern digital age seeing us through to today’s software such as Xero and Sage business cloud.

I like our clients to find us approachable. We are here to help and advise. Modern software is a learning curve, we will do our best to guide you and your business through this changing world.

So, you have been working all day doing what you do best, and now you’ve got the books to do! Perhaps you would prefer us to do that for you? Whether you wish to hand everything to us or do part yourself, we offer various service packages.

Starting from £25 per month plus VAT for a non-VAT registered business. Our prices are dictated by volume of work, we will discuss this with you at the outset and advise how you can keep prices lower.
Payroll services start from £10 per month.

We like to provide the best possible service, but must have quiet time to work, therefore we do not keep emails open constantly. We check them three times a day & aim to respond as quickly as possible. Telephone calls are best booked as a slot, so that we can dedicate time to your enquiry.

We are a small practice with friendly staff which is why we have many long- term clients.

Contact Paydays

For more information, or to arrange a free no obligation consultation, please feel free to contact us.